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Intellectual Property And Business Law Attorneys With Authentic Interest In Your Endeavors

Founded nearly a decade ago, Keith Miller Patent Law has made its mark in the Phoenix area. Both our attorneys are patent attorneys with engineering backgrounds and deep understandings of all areas of intellectual property (IP) law. Many of our clients benefit from our broad knowledge of technology and mechanical and electrical arts.

Learn about our individual qualifications through our biographical web pages:

Discuss your IP needs with one or both of us in an initial consultation that will include a review of your immediate concerns as well as a discussion of your long-term IP and business startup needs.

Our Esteemed Clients And Their Areas Of Focus

Solo inventors, small business owners and representatives of major corporations have all benefited from the application of our talents and insights to address their patent, trademark and copyright concerns. We are thoroughly versed in the processes and challenges of:

Our clients share our passion for starting with a meticulous, proactive approach. Some also turn to us for help resolving IP controversies. For example, we bring legal action against competitors who infringe on our clients’ patents and other rights to ownership of their inventions, logos and proprietary manufacturing or business processes. As necessary, we defend our clients against unjustified infringement claims from others.

In addition to offering a full array of IP services, we help clients form and establish profitable businesses. Many enjoy the opportunity to receive guidance in business formation from the same lawyers who advise them on IP protection of their businesses’ trademarks, trade secrets and products.

Let’s Get Acquainted

New inquirers and established clients alike express appreciation for our clear yet thorough ways of explaining intricate legal concepts in plain English. We welcome requests for consultations about any IP or business formation matter in Arizona or IP needs nationwide.

Reach us at our Goodyear, Arizona, offices, by calling 480-582-0021 or completing an online form that will put you in direct touch with us.