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Understanding The Patent Application And Prosecution Process

Inventors need patents to protect their inventions from imitation and exploitation by others. Whether you are a solitary inventor or represent a business or corporation with valuable inventions, seeking legal counsel early is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your patent application. Your successfully granted patent will have the power to prohibit others from creating, selling or importing products identical to yours.

The patent application process is long and complex, filled with subtle nuance and details that can make the difference between obtaining a strong enforceable intellectual property (IP) right and failing to secure an enforceable patent or even the ability to obtain a patent at all. Our team at Keith Miller Patent Law can help you with the complex process of obtaining a U.S. patent and consult and aid in the application of foreign patents.

Our Patent Lawyers Are Deeply Experienced

With years of combined experience working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), our attorneys, patent agents and staff can help you navigate this path successfully. The process typically starts with a patent application. Even in this first step, the type of application you file may deeply affect the amount of time to be granted a patent and the type of rights you obtain. There are:

  • Provisional applications
  • Nonprovisional applications
  • Design applications
  • Utility applications

After consulting with you, we will help you select the best type and path for your patent application.

Typically, a patent application will not be approved until a number of interactions with the USPTO are successfully completed. Your application may require modifications or restrictions or may even be rejected after the initial filing. However, such obstacles are typically not the end of the patent application process. Our knowledge of how to perform the appropriate patent amendments and handle appeals are the services we provide to assist you in obtaining a strong IP right.

Turn To An IP Attorney With Technical Knowledge

In addition to our reputation as knowledgeable patent lawyers, we have engineering backgrounds that help us relate to many of our clients. Whatever your field of endeavor is, we are equipped to give you a competitive edge as you prepare to apply for a patent and put it to profitable use.

While we often represent clients here in Arizona, we also work with inventors nationwide. We invite you to contact us to discuss your patent, trademark and copyright needs. Call 480-582-0021 or email us to schedule a meeting with a dedicated patent lawyer.